Our Union provides access to a quality family health plan, retirement, and vacation benefits to the Brothers and Sisters who help build the Western States.

It’s never been more important to have access to quality healthcare, retirement savings, and vacation funds to use for a rainy day. WSRCC provides comprehensive, valuable benefits to our more than 90,000 members, their spouses, domestic partners, and their dependents at little or no cost to them.

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Coverage includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for all eligible members, their spouses, domestic partners*, and their dependents. 

*coverage began in 2021

Work Union – retire better.

Working members are eligible for both a Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Defined Contribution Retirement Plan. Increases to the Defined Contribution Plan can be funded by both the individual and their employer.

The union offers a vacation fund paid into by your employer at a fixed rate for each hour the participant works or is paid. The vacation benefit is paid out twice a year – July and December.