Get Hired


Get Hired

Skilled, trained, and ready to work.

Attending Union meetings are the best way to get the latest information on upcoming jobs and opportunities. Union halls are where you can update your work preferences and obtain additional information about volunteer activities to participate in while searching for work.

Ready to work?

The Ready-to-Work dispatch line provides members an opportunity to find contractors who are currently hiring. Call 877-252-7024 every weekday between 7 am and 2 pm to get on the daily dispatch list.

In order to remain on the daily dispatch list, you must be on roll-call every week. If you don’t call, you’ll be dropped from the list. A confirmation number is given out every time you place yourself on a list.

  • If you miss or pass on 2 jobs during any week, you will not be eligible to register for daily dispatch for the rest of that week.
  • You can only be on one local’s Ready-to-Work Dispatch List at a time, but you can be on as many certified lists as you are qualified for (e.g. bridge, finish, welding, etc.)
  • If you accept a job from dispatch and fail to show for that job, you will be subject to a fine equal to a day’s wages at the dispatch rate, and you will not be allowed back on the dispatch list until the fine is paid.
  • Carpenters are free to solicit their own work from signatory contractors.
  • You must be on the ready-to-work line to be cleared.
  • You should be in good standing with your dues.
  • It is both the contractor’s and your responsibility to request a job referral upon being hired.