Join the Union


Join the Union

Joining our Brotherhood means becoming a part of something bigger than yourself.

Our Brotherhood has a long tradition of supporting the best tradespeople in their pursuit of a career as a Union Carpenter. But Carpenters don’t join our union for practical benefits alone. Our Brotherhood has strong beliefs, ones we’re willing to fight for. Our members join to be part of a movement, to help make the changes we all want to see in the Western States, and in the world.

Why Become a Union Carpenter?

Union Carpenters make more money. Unions negotiate to ensure their members are paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work. Through collective bargaining, the Union works with the employer to agree on wage terms, which includes regular pay increases.

Union Carpenters helped establish the 8-hour work day in 1881 and continue to fight for the safety and well-being of workers on the job site. We believe Union job sites are the safest job sites.

Participation in our Union means access to family health care and retirement benefits when it’s time to hang up your tools.


Being a Union Carpenter provides a level of job security. Unions advocate on behalf of their members to make sure no one is fired without reason.

United, we’re more powerful. Collective bargaining power amplifies our voices, so no one has to fight on their own for better pay, better working conditions, and better benefits.

Union Carpenters earn while they learn. WSRCC provides members with no-cost career advancement training to make sure Union Carpenters are the most skilled and best trained people in the trades.