Brand Update


Brand Update

We’re incredibly proud of our history, but it was time to update the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters brand to reflect the membership of 2020 and beyond.

This process started in 2019 and continues today, as we introduce our new logo and other exciting elements of the new SWRCC brand.


As part of our process, we distilled our brand down into three key attributes:


The resolve of Southwest Carpenters is indestructible. It was built by years of hard work. Like the Union Carpenters that fill our ranks, we know the considerable strength it takes to support our workers, their families, and the causes we believe in.


Our reputation is everything. It’s how we support our brothers and sisters with consistent work. It’s the reason we’re responsible for raising the quality of building across the Southwest. We hold ourselves to the highest standard possible, and our professionalism proves that.


Carpenters don’t join our union for practical benefits alone. Our Brotherhood has strong beliefs, ones we’re willing to fight for. Our members join to be part of a movement, to help make the changes we all want to see in the Southwest, and in the world. 


Honoring the legacy of our Brotherhood was the driving inspiration throughout the process of updating our logo. But we also looked to other organizations and how they use visual elements to capture the spirit of brotherhood.

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Keeping the core elements of the Carpenters shield (updated for a more modern look), the tools, an updated Carpenters tab, and the motto LABOR OMNIA VINCIT, we went for simplicity above all.

The result is a logo that feels younger, fresher, and is clearly aligned with the core values and key attributes of the organization. 

As a system, the design allows for a state specific version of the logo.

In the future, the Council will continue to enhance the identity system with specific logos for each Local Union.


In this brand update, we evolved the colors to ones that we find in the landscape of the Southwest.

Staying true to our role as builders, we assigned names to these colors that celebrate materials we work with as Carpenters.


It’s your brand. Wear it! SWRCC is excited to be launching a line of merchandise for members. Our Brotherhood Custom Apparel line will be Made in America and Union Made in the Southwest. The merchandise will feature the new brand, incorporating the state and local version of the new logo.

To be one of the first to purchase from the Brotherhood Custom Apparel store, click here. Orders will be shipped directly to your home.

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