Build Better


Build Better

History tells us that all great societies were builders.

But America has gone from a time of building the entire highway system and working to put a man on the moon, to allowing critical infrastructure across this country to fall into an embarrassing state of disrepair. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

If all of our 57,000 members support, push and advocate for the most significant national investment in infrastructure since the 1950s, we can finally build this country back better. Help us seize this opportunity to improve the lives of every one of our members and their families. 

If we continue to do nothing, more cities in the Southwest will face Los Angeles-style traffic or worse; water and natural gas pipeline bursts will disrupt entire communities; and hard-working Americans will have to pay $3,300 more each year, as businesses raise prices due to rising costs. By 2039, the effects of this inaction will be drastic.

Cost of inaction icon 10 trillion dollars in GDP icon 2.4 trillion dollars in exports icon Over 3 million jobs icon

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build up the communities where we all live, work, and where our children play. Investing in infrastructure at this scale will provide:

  • Hundreds of thousands of consistent, good-paying, union jobs
  • Quality health benefits for the entire family
  • A strong union pension for less worry about retirement

When we build, we all benefit. And when we build better with union labor, you know it is built to last.

Let’s get to work.

Why is INFRASTRUCTURE so important?

Union Strength

What is Infrastructure?

Council Leadership

Infrastructure Means:

Transport & Transit

Roads, bridges, rail, and transit systems are crumbling.
Rebuilding our transportation systems will reduce commute times, strengthen our economy, and connect communities.


Water is a vital resource in the Southwest. Replacing lead pipes and service lines will ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Updating storm and wastewater systems will help conserve water and protect our health.

Affordable Housing

Rising costs and limited housing availability are big concerns across the Southwest.

Building new homes and making existing homes more energy efficient will increase access and help families save money.

Renewables, Efficiency, Weatherization

Climate change fuels extreme weather events that threaten our communities and limit access to reliable electricity.

Investing in clean energy and a modern power grid will create good-paying jobs, lower energy bills, and strengthen community resiliency.

School Construction, Renovations

Schools across our communities are rundown, underfunded, and overcrowded.

Modernizing our schools will help students reach their potential in safe, healthy environments.

Workforce Development

People are looking for new opportunities in a changing economy.

Expanding workforce development resources and capacity will empower marginalized groups, like women and people of color, and ensure everyone is equipped with the skills needed to compete in the future.