SWMSRCC Top Three: Week of January 30th

Here is the SWMSRCC Top Three for the week of January 30th.

Urban Awnings Visit

This past week, elected and community officials visited at the Whittier Training Center for a tour of the newly completed Urban Awnings prototype. Urban Awnings is an innovative housing concept presented by Mayor Karen Bass’s during her campaign as the solution to combat the housing and homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. This prototype is the first of its kind and entirely built by Union Carpenter Apprentices. It features an ADA compliant studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units fit with a kitchen and private bathrooms.

Tough as Nails Recap

Our Union Carpenters have shown up and out on this season of Tough-As-Nails. Sergio Robles of Local 714 and Jorge Zavala of Local 909 have proven their knowledge and tested their skills in the challenges thus far. Brother Jorge is currently the highest earning participant in the competition, while Sergio has lead team Dirty Hands to three group victories. We would like to congratulate Sergio Robles for proving his mettle, and we thank him for the genuine leadership he has displayed so far this season. Although Brother Robles was eliminated in the individual challenge and is out of the running for the top prize, he is still eligible to win team prizes. We can’t wait to tune in next episode to see our Union Brothers Robles and Zavala go for their 4th win with Team Dirty Hands.

CUPP Check Delivery Update

Direct deposit for CUPP Checks begins this week! If you have opted in for direct deposit, most funds will finish processing by January 31st. Physical checks will be mailed in early February, with an expected delivery of February 10th.  For questions regarding CUPP Checks, please reach out to your Local to get in contact with your CUPP manager.