New Leadership Elected and Sworn In at SWRCC.

On February 25th, Delegates from across the Council cast their votes and elected Pete Rodriguez as Executive Secretary-Treasurer, making this a historic election of the first Latino EST from the Southwest Mountain States Regional Council. As an organization that’s over 67% Latino, we’re proud to have representation at all levels of leadership. Frank Hawk was elected President, Sean Hartranft was elected Vice President, while Barry Jenkins, Frank Zambrano, and Doug Hicks were elected to the Executive Board, and Kyle Patterson was elected the first Black Trustee of the SWRCC. Pete succeeds Dan Langford who was recently appointed Western District Vice President of the UBC.

The newly elected members of Unidos-United Team Rodriguez had the honor of being sworn in by General President Doug McCarron, who was awarded the Armando Vergara Recognition Award by our new EST, Pete Rodriguez.

“I’m humbled and I thank you all for your confidence,” said EST Pete Rodriguez. “We showed the country what stability looks like tonight. What continuity looks like tonight. And what Brotherhood looks like tonight.”

EST Rodriguez’s platform will include Executive Board visits to each Local to listen to members’ concerns, making the Union more accessible to all, and removing the obstacles to entering the Union by expanding pre-apprenticeship programs and Veteran outreach throughout the Council.