Build Better: Assiah Hamilton

From the Military Brotherhood to the Carpenter’s Brotherhood.

Assiah Hamilton is a former Marine who transitioned perfectly into the Helmets to Hardhats Carpenters’ program and then into the Union. He knew that once he got out of the military, he wanted to get a job working with his hands and building things. The Carpenters were the perfect match for him.

Hamilton joined Local 805 and was immediately drawn to the similarities between the Marine Corp and the Union. “I think it’s a pretty easy transition from the military to the Carpenters Union because the work ethic is just the same. We go to work, we grind, we do everything we can. And then we try and go home safe,” says Hamilton.

He is a man who prides himself on being self-reliant and with having the ability to fix anything himself. But more than anything, Hamilton is a man who always gives back. He has used his skills to better the world as a serviceman and now is using his new skillset to help his community as a proud Union Carpenter.

Watch the video above to learn more about Hamilton’s story.

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