Build Better: Jorge Zavala

Local 909’s Jorge Zavala is tough as nails.

When Local 909’s Jorge Zavala first found out about the Carpenters and what we had to offer, he jumped immediately, leaving his fast-food job to go all in with the Union. He came in hot, “started hitting the streets,” as he puts it, working job after job, and it forever changed his life for the better. Tilt-ups, the people mover at LAX, water treatment plants all over the State- Jorge is proud of what he’s built. And it is an honor for him knowing that he and his Carpenter brothers and sisters, have had a hand in building the infrastructure of the State of California.

This year Jorge had the opportunity to put his skills on full display alongside fellow Carpenter and Local 714 member Sergio Robles on Season 4 of CBS’s Tough as Nails. We urge you to

tune in to see how the duo faired but let’s just say Jorge now has no problem getting from jobsite to jobsite in his new Ford F 250!


Watch the video above to learn more about Jorge’s story.

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