Build Better: Julie Luu

We are proud to call Local 951’s Julie Luu a Sister.

Julie Luu comes from a family in which working hard was instilled from a very young age. Before Julie became a Union Carpenter, she was holding down two low paying jobs and she was looking for more. She discovered construction, starting out as a laborer before finding a home with the Carpenters.

As soon as Julie walked into Local 951’s Union hall, she recognized the opportunities available. “They really opened up so many doors for women at this time,” she says. “It allowed me… to focus on bettering myself and my career and my personal life.” Julie appreciates how the Union has given her the support to grow and now as a Journeyman she finds herself giving back to the Union however she can. Her plate is full: She participates in CUPP, she is a member of Sisters in the Brotherhood, and she jumps at any opportunity to mentor the next generation of female Carpenters.

She is the first member of her family to embark on a career in the construction industry and it has been a perfect match- one suited to her work ethic. She loves telling her grandmother about her job and knowing that the family is proud of the hard work she puts in every day.


Watch the video above to learn more about Julie’s story.

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