Build Better: Ronisha Roberson

Local 323’s Ronisha Roberson finds a support system to thrive in the Carpenters Union.

Ronisha Roberson had faced some hard challenges in her life before becoming a member of Local 323. She was, as she puts it, in, “a bad position,” and incarceration led to her spending four painful years away from her daughter. However, Ronisha emerged from that experience with clarity and a deep resolve never to be separated from her daughter again and to be the best role model she could be.

Ronisha started fresh. Determined to leave negativity behind, she discovered the Union and enrolled in the “Bridging Opportunities with Tradeswoman Skills” (BOOTS) program. BOOTS equipped her with the confidence to pursue her dream of becoming a Union Carpenter and she has never looked back. Not surprisingly, her drive caught the attention of Russell Construction who recognized her potential and have since, promoted her to foreman.

Ronisha is a proud Carpenter and to her daughter, her mother is more than just a role model, she is a hero.


Watch the video above to learn more about Ronisha’s story.

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