Build Better: Tommy Zieroth

Choosing a Career as a Union Carpenter gave Brother Tommy a head start in life.

Local 59’s Tommy Zieroth has been reaping the benefits of Union membership since he was a teenager. Tommy joined the Union at 18 and proudly bought his first house at just 20 years old. Of his early entry into the Union, Tommy says,“Getting that head start in life, I feel like has just set me up, and continues to set me up. If you got the drive and determination… it’s really paid off for me in more ways than one.”


He credits his apprenticeship for starting him on this trajectory and teaching him the skills to be the best Carpenter he can be. Before Tommy joined the Union, he worked the typical jobs a teenager might have, working in retail and doing odd jobs to get by. Those early dead-end jobs are a far cry from now being able to say that he had a hand in building monuments like the Washington State Convention Center. Tommy has been saying “I built that,” ever since walking onto his first jobsite as a Carpenter!


Watch the video above to learn more about Tommy’s story.

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