Building A Brotherhood

Our 3-week Brothers’ Keeper program is designed to introduce the many different crafts available to a Union Carpenter.

The black community in the US has been blindsided by two pandemics: racial inequality and COVID-19.

As businesses continue to close due to the pandemic, income inequality grows due to racial injustice, and pathways to the middle class are drying up for black men and women across the country, many are feeling they’re being left out of a chance at the American Dream.

The Brothers’ Keeper program – by the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund – is a FREE 3-week carpentry, pre-apprenticeship program serving disadvantaged men and women in Los Angeles County that offers a pathway to prosperity. Brothers’ Keeper is open to all types of applicants who adhere to the program’s three principles: Hustle, Positive Attitude, and Punctuality.  Many of Brothers’ Keepers graduates are formerly incarcerated and were unable to find steady employment after leaving prison.

Through carpentry training and job placement assistance, the program helps educate and build effective skilled trade-workers.

Learn more about the Brothers’ Keeper program here.