Career Connections Students Tour Hensel Phelps Job Sites

High school students passionate about carpentry visit their first job site.

Last week, 12 Career Connection’s students from 3 different high schools in the area toured a Hensel Phelps job site in Riverside, California. For many of these students, it was their first-time stepping foot onto a real-world construction site. “We had the opportunity to show them what a carpenter’s apprenticeship might entail… an opportunity to see what they maybe have never seen before” said Pete Spiegel, General Superintendent with Hensel Phelps.

The students jumped from the classroom onto the jobsite with full enthusiasm, asking questions and even giving us their own insight! Student Leonardo Garcia describes visiting the Hensel Phelps job site as “mind-blowing” when watching the large-scale operation unfold firsthand, something he’d never seen before.

While visiting the Hensel Phelps job site student Elise Contreras said that when she heard about Career Connections, she joined right away her freshman year. Thankfully, Career Connections provides these students with not only a path to learning, but a path to future success. Best of all, through the program, these students are taught how to enter the Union and how to find work as soon as they are ready.

For many students out there, jumping into a career in the trades is the alternative they are looking for, instead of going straight to college. With a career in the trades, any student and future Carpenter has the potential to find a lifelong passion with free training, no debt, and even up to a 6-figure income.

Huge thanks to Hensel Phelps for both hosting and supporting our students and future Carpenters! Check out the video here!