Take Action and Tell Congress to Pass Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Congress is finalizing the details on two of the most important infrastructure bills in a generation. These bills would mean historic investments in our communities and good career opportunities for Union Carpenters.

Together, the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better Act would give tens of thousands of working families the opportunities to build a better life. These bills would create good jobs for Union Carpenters–rebuilding our roads, expanding high-speed rail and transit systems, updating our schools, protecting our water, and more.

Congress is about to make some tough decisions about what stays in the legislation and what gets cuts out. This means that some of our top policies could be on the chopping block.

Our Leadership has sent a letter to our Congressional delegation outlining the importance of passing these bills:

Carpenters, Take Action!

Congress is hearing from our Leadership, but now they need to hear from our membership.

We need Congress to hear from as many SWMSRCC members as possible, so they know they need to act NOW and get these bills passed. Click on the link below to send a message to Congress:

Make your voice hear and send your message to Congress today.

If you already sent a message this summer – we need you to send another message to help keep the pressure on.

Let’s make our collective voices heard and gets these bills passed to secure thousands of jobs for Union Carpenters!