Our Carpenters in the Aerospace Industry Are Building Better.

From schools and stadiums to bridges and towers, Carpenters build it all. But some may be surprised to discover that Carpenters are building bigger and better in the aerospace industry.

Local 721 Carpenters are playing a major role in constructing serious, high-level equipment for Boeing, the world’s largest aerospace company. While a lot of the work they do is kept under wraps, it’s clear that these Carpenters are part of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One major aspect of the aerospace industry is the satellite business, an important area of work that encompasses countless aspects of our daily lives. Our Carpenters say that if you want to get into aerospace, being passionate about satellites is a huge advantage.  Plus, what’s cooler than getting to say you built a satellite for Boeing?

In addition to satellites, Carpenters in the aerospace industry also have the opportunity to impact and directly collaborate with the military and government. It’s clear the aerospace industry provides a wide range of opportunities!

Get to know our Aerospace Carpenters by watching the video above or clicking here!