This Marine Contractor is a Long-time Southwest Mountain States Carpenters Partner.

For well over a century, Manson Construction Company has positioned itself as the nation’s leader in marine construction and infrastructure. Within marine construction, pile driving is one of the more common crafts.

We caught up with Manson Project Superintendent and Local 562 Union Carpenter Chris Eagles, who counts decade of experience as a pile driver and has worked with Manson since 2005.

From his experience in the industry and as a Union member, Eagles says it’s a “night and day difference” between the work that Union and non-Union Carpenters produce.

Manson Construction constructs both public and private infrastructure projects. Among their projects, Manson works on pier construction, dock replacements, terminal expansions, bridges, seawalls and much more.

Learn more about the work our Union Carpenters are doing with Manson by watching the video above or clicking here!