Contractor Spotlight: TIPCO Engineering, Inc.

Kevin Tipton, President of TIPCO Engineering, Inc.

Kevin Tipton is the President of TIPCO Engineering, Inc. – a company that specializes in everything from piledriving, shoring work to even welding. Shortly after Kevin Tipton started TIPCO Engineering, Inc. in 2008, he signed on as a signatory contractor with the Southwest Carpenters. In late 2009, TIPCO began bidding work.

Kevin says one of the perks of having a relationship with the Union is being able to, “call the Union to get skilled and trained workers.” Having started from the bottom, Tipton understands the value of having a skilled workforce; what that means for the member and what that means for the contractor. Kevin’s philosophy of mentoring new apprentices, having them journey out, and become one of the top workers of their company has proven to be successful for Tipco.

The Importance of Mentorship

Additionally, Kevin recognizes the challenges that African American members may face when working in the construction industry. He actively recruits African Americans into the Union by showing them that there is an opportunity for a better life with a job at Tipco. He takes pride in mentoring the next generation of Black Union Carpenters and teaching them the tools they need to continue to build a successful career.