Denver Wage Theft Ordinance In Action

Colorado Union Carpenters standing up against wage theft.

Six months after the unanimous passing of the Denver Wage Theft ordinance, the city is seeing an increase in wage theft claims. Denver Wage Theft Ordinance which was enacted in January of this year provides workers a more accessible way to file complaints against crooked contractors.

Local 555 Colorado Union Carpenters continue the fight against wage theft by educating workers of their rights on and off the jobsite. Advocating for victims of wage theft to file claims with the city auditor or the Denver City attorney’s office.

Wage theft is a rampant issue in the state of Colorado especially among the immigrant community. The ordinance was passed amidst growing concerns for migrants, a population that has been on the rise in the state the last few years and historically under reports cases of wage theft in the construction industry.


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