Elected Spotlight: Nury Martinez

LA City Council President, Nury Martinez, visited Local 661 in Sylmar.

LA City Council President Nury Martinez visited the Sylmar training center last month, where she spoke to us about her strong union roots, her work with the Carpenters, and how she advocates for building community wealth in Los Angeles.

Union Strong

Nury’s ties to unions go back to her childhood. As the daughter of a Teamster, Nury credits her mother’s union job with providing the family with medical insurance and a good middle class wage.

Working with the Carpenters

The Southwest Carpenters have been very fortunate to be able to work alongside Council President Martinez. Local 661 recently partnered with Nury on her “Kids First” initiative, building desks and mini libraries for homeless children and families in her district.

Building Community Wealth

Nury is also a great partner to the Carpenters because she believes in building community wealth. She is a proponent of projects that ensure the builders and the developers are working with our local unions to employ local workers in order to keep the wealth created by one of these projects where it belongs: inside the community.

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