The Governor Held a Press Conference at Local 1912.

Governor Katie Hobbs of Arizona celebrated 81,800 jobs created during her first year in office.  The Governor held a press conference at Local 1912 in Phoenix to commemorate the achievement.

The Governor was joined at the press conference by Union Carpenters Alberto Parra and Diana Angulo who spoke about the growth of jobs in construction, and how their jobs as Union Carpenters have made their lives better.

“With the programs that Governor Hobbs has invested in, they’ve created 12,000 jobs in construction alone. Jobs that are in high demand, steady jobs with high pay, means an opportunity at the American dream,” said Alberto Perra.

“I am thankful to Governor Hobbs for her commitment to the middle class,” said Diana Angulo. “Now because of this high wage paying job, it has given me the opportunity to never again live paycheck to paycheck.”

“We are leading the way in building an economy that works for everyone, growing and attracting businesses from around the world, and delivering good-paying jobs for working class Arizonans,” said Governor Hobbs.