Inaugural Underwater Bridge Inspection Class Receives Certification

Skilled and trained Union Carpenters pass certification required ahead of Gerald Desmond Bridge demolition.

Last week, 20 Union Carpenters received their Underwater Bridge Inspection certification at the Buena Park Training Center. The 4-day course included training on:

  • Methods of Underwater Inspection
  • Underwater Material Deterioration Mechanisms and Inspection Techniques
  • Scour Inspection Techniques
  • Underwater Element-Level Rating
  • Underwater Bridge Inspection Training

Participants with prior diving experience were invited to participate in the class. The SWMS Training Fund covered the full cost of the training and sought out National highway Institute Instructor Jeffrey O’Conner to facilitate the course. This training is the first-of-its-kind for our Carpenter Divers in preparation of the demolition of the Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach, CA.