Journeyman Alicia Jimenez Featured in La Opinion

Local 721 member Alicia Jimenez shares her updates with Spanish publication, La Opinion, since journeying out.

Since becoming a Union Carpenter, Alicia’s life has made a complete 180 degree turn. Once homeless, Alicia found hope through her new career in carpentry. Various news outlets covered her story of resilience and redemption in 2019. This prompted an influx of calls and interest from other women who were also looking to explore opportunities in roles nontraditionally held by women.

Following the 2019 coverage, she has gone on to work on various notable projects, including the Purple Line Expansion, and reach Journeyman status. Now working in the tilt-up industry, Alicia has created a name for herself among her fellow Union Carpenters and in the community. La Opinion recently followed up with Alicia to share her updates with their readers. Click here to read the full article.