Local 1319 Celebrates 120 Years in the Community

Built to last.

Over the weekend, Carpenters Local 1319 held a grand celebration commemorating 120 years in New Mexico. Hundreds of Carpenters and their families filled the training center to celebrate their anniversary and their local’s consecutive CUPP trophy win for exceptional volunteerism.

120 years is a long time. In fact, local 1319 is 10 years older than the State of New Mexico itself. Our Carpenters literally built the State from the ground up. As part of celebrating this long history, 120 commemorative coins were minted and given to a select group of members and delegates to acknowledge their many years of service. The coins are inscribed with, “Honor the past, celebrate the present, embrace the future.”

Guest speakers included SWMSRCC President Frank Hawk and legendary labor activist, Dolores Huerta. New stations KOB and KOAT were also present to cover the event. Click here to read more on KOAT.

Congratulations again New Mexico Carpenters on 120 years in the community!