Local 619 Carpenters Help Spread Holiday Cheer

Giving back to the community this holiday season.

Carpenters Local 619 joined the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA for a toy distribution event filled with activities for the family. Approximately 300 children and families were in attendance to receive toys, supplies, and more. San Diego Carpenters showed up for their community as they filled 17 large construction site sized trash bags with donated toys for the event. This has been the largest donation in recent years.

At the booth, Carpenters helped children build their very own carpenter totes. Kids had the opportunity to get hands on experience with assembling and hammering with assistance from our Union Carpenters. Another person that put her skills to the test was Council President Pro Tem Monica Montgomery Steppe as she made it a priority to show up and represent.

As Carpenters, our communities impact us. We thank the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA for the opportunity to be a part of this event. We also thank all the Carpenters, Union families, and Women’s Auxiliary 1904 for their help in making this possible.

Happy Holidays!