Local 951 Union Carpenters Help Complete Repairs at Wild Bird Center

When the community or wildlife need help, the Carpenters are there to answer the call.  

On Saturday, June 26, Local 951 Union Carpenters turned out to support the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center to complete some badly needed repairs. 9 Carpenters were present to help reinforce some handrails, build shade for the birthday and even cut and prepare a few bird perches. Riverside County Supervisor Manny Perez was also present to give a huge “Thank You” to the Carpenters for their involvement in the betterment of their community and for making a difference.

Help Your Community. Get Involved.

The Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center is a non-profit that was created for the care and rehabilitation of orphaned, injured, or sick native wild bird with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitats. The work they do is crucial to the education and preservation of these wild species, and we are glad to have been part of this opportunity.