Making a Paw-sitive Impact

Local 1977 volunteers give back to local animal shelter, Hearts Alive Village.

On March 30th, a team of ten volunteers from Local 1977 arrived at Hearts Alive Village armed not only with hammers and nails but also with a spirit of determination and a desire to make a tangible difference. Their goal was to enhance the living conditions of the shelter’s residents by installing 26 custom soundproofing kennel doors and sound-deadening tiles, thus creating a more comfortable and serene environment for the four-legged residents and ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Hearts Alive Village is not just another animal shelter. From providing veterinary care to facilitating adoption initiatives and offering rehabilitation programs, their commitment to the welfare of animals knows no bounds. It was this unwavering dedication that drew the attention of Councilmember Cherchio and the Union Carpenters, igniting a spark of camaraderie and a shared mission to give back for a good cause.

For Hearts Alive Village, the impact of this initiative would be felt far beyond the walls of the shelter. It was a testament to the power of community and the ripple effect of kindness. By improving the quality of life for its residents, the shelter could continue its vital work with renewed vigor, knowing they were supported by those in their immediate community.