Member Spotlight: Arjuna Gravelly

Arjuna Gravelly is a Journeyman Pile Driver Diver from Local 562.

Arjuna Gravelly’s journey began differently than most Union Carpenters. After watching a commercial on television, he made the decision to go to school to become a diver. Upon graduation, an exit counselor recommended that he join the Piledrivers as a diver for the Union. He went down to Local 1607 and began his career.

Having worked on almost every pier from Ventura down to San Diego, he takes pride in building history and says that seeing people use the things he’s helped build gives him satisfaction.

Local 562 Member Arjuna Gravelly
Local 562 Member Arjuna Gravelly
Lending a Helping Hand.

Being one of few African American members on the job site gives Arjuna an additional sense of responsibility. Although African American members currently make up 2% of the Union, Arjuna hopes to set the example in order to inspire the next generation of Carpenters.

“As far as the Union, we are all brothers, but when you see another brother out here, you really want to help them out and show them the ropes.”