Member Spotlight: Cailona “Bear” Moritz

Cailona “Bear” Moritz is an 8th Period Apprentice from Local 59.

Cailona “Bear” Moritz is a proud indigenous woman and member of Local 59. Her name Cailona means “Bear” in her native language and is what she prefers to be called on the job. She is currently an 8th Period Apprentice for Skaar Construction. Skaar Construction specializes in building water tanks with EFFCO forms.

Bear’s previous projects include schools, hotels, hospitals, and some scaffolding. Through these projects, she’s had the opportunity to get first-hand experience in various areas of the trade. Recently, she’s discovered an interest in welding as it allows her to work independently. Looking forward, she intends on expanding her knowledge on theodolites.

“As much as I love working with a team, I always look forward to having my hood on and being in my own little world. The peace and quiet keeps me sane! I’m able to set my own pace and not rely on anyone too heavily. Just be that independent woman.”

She is a proud indigenous female Carpenter from the N’Quatqua Band.

Her advice to current apprentices and future Union Carpenters is to learn how to work safe and not shy away from an opportunity to learn a new skill. She maintains that humility and remaining teachable are keys to success because mistakes will happen. “Along your journey are a Carpenter, you will make mistakes. Those mistakes will always be the lessons you’ll never forget.”

In Remembrance of Fallen Sister Ana Vetter

“Sister Ana Vetter and I. We met in class. May she Rest In Peace. Honestly, I think Ana should have had a story about her. She was one of a kind!