Member Spotlight: Carol Renzulli

Retiree Carol Renzulli joined the Carpenters Union in 1973 as an Apprentice, leading the way for Women to find a place in the trades.

Carol A. Renzulli joined San Diego Carpenters Local 1296 in 1973. Her favorite job sites were in San Onofre and Diablo Canyon, where she set trailers for offices, steel storage containers, installed lockers in temporary shower trailers, and built many tube-lock structures for refueling. She has also worked as a conductor, been an E-Board member, a Delegate, and served as Recording Secretary at her Local.

Carol stresses that the 70’s were a different time. “I was told by many foremen that they couldn’t hire me because the guys would stop working to watch. When I DID get hired, they usually sent me to work with the oldest carpenters doing pickup.” This was a silver lining for Carol because the older (more professional) Carpenters had the knowledge and taught her all the tricks of the trade.

View the video in the link above to view her story.