Member Spotlight: Christopher Thomas

Local 1319 3rd generation Carpenter finds his way home.

SWMSRCC member, Christopher Thomas, is a 3rd generation Union Carpenter out of New Mexico Local 1319. Chris took an interesting route to his current position as a general carpentry apprentice.

After high school, he began working construction while simultaneously attending the University of New Mexico where he ultimately achieved a master’s degree. After graduating from UNM, Chris worked as a project manager with Summit Construction for a handful of years before entering the healthcare industry to, in his words, “pursue what I had gone to school for.”

Eight years later, the Covid-19 outbreak made him reassess his life’s trajectory. He was unsatisfied- working long hours for meager benefits and with a second child on the way, he made the decision to go back into the trade that had supported his family for generations. He now makes a good wage, a pension and has great Union benefits for his growing family. Chris is also proud to be pursuing a career as a general carpenter with his old contractor, Summit Construction. As he states, Carpentry is in his blood, and he has found a home with Local 1319!

Learn more about Christopher and his path to the brotherhood in the video above.