Local 562 Pile Driver Makes Her Mark.

Dione Bonilla is a Pile Driver for Keller North America.

Ask Dione a few years ago where she’d be and Pile driving would not have been it.

Dione spent years in restaurant kitchens cooking alongside notable chefs such as Nancy Silverton. It wasn’t until she decided that she needed to focus on accruing benefits and retirement that she opened up her mind to doing something else.

In 2020, Dione attended the SWMSRCC Combine Day in Los Angeles.  She was scouted at the event and became a member of Local 562. Now, as a 4th Period apprentice she travels around California driving piles and shoring from San Diego to San Francisco.

And, as a Union Carpenter she is working on accruing the pension and annuity she was wanting to have when she was working in restaurants.

Learn more about Dione’s story in the video above.