Local 661 Member is #1 CUPP Volunteer for 2021.

Enrique Apodaca is a Journeyman Carpenter working for Kaiser Permanente.  He is a member of Local 661 in Sylmar and is Chair of the Muchos Committee.  With over 280 hours of volunteering through CUPP, Enrique has made an astounding impact through his Local and in his community.

Enrique’s mantra is “The more you know, the better you are.” He carries this mantra with him as he advocates for the CUPP program to his fellow brothers and sisters.  Enrique knows a thing or two about CUPP – he was the programs #1 volunteer in 2021.

He is also the Chair of Local 661’s Mucho Committee.  Mucho is a committee that works with 661’s Hispanic members to inform them about what’s going on in the union and advocate on their behalf.  They also offer assistance to members who don’t speak English.

Learn more about Enrique and his volunteer work in the video above.