Local 714 Union Carpenter Francisco Gonzalez.

Francisco “Cisco” Gonzalez is a Journeyman Union Carpenter that specializes in interior systems, drywall and metal stud framing. After realizing that working his office job was not going to cut it, Cisco’s brother showed him his union check and convinced him to make the move. Now, he’s been a carpenter for almost 20 years and spending a majority of those years working with Sharpe Interior Systems.

During the height of the pandemic, Cisco had the idea to create neck gaiters and stickers that he knew Carpenters would be proud to wear. He created Union Feria, and over a year later, the brand’s online following has grown to over 3,500 followers. The Union Feria line of merchandise includes a variety of masks, neck gaiters, stickers, sweaters, hats, and other union apparel.

Hopes For The Future

Francisco is now as a Foreman. He recommends all members to be “like a USB drive” and save all of the information they’ve learned for whenever they may need it in their careers. As for his brand, he hopes to be able to expand his company across all trades and use it as a tool to unite all union members. The message he wants to create with his brand is the same message he has for his Union and fellow carpenters; one of unity and camaraderie.

Learn more about Francisco in the video above.