Member Spotlight: Jason Dunigan

Local 1912 Member and Chairman of the African American Task Force.

Before joining the Union, Jason Dunigan’s previous job experience included positions in the food service and carpet cleaning industry. What began as a job lead from a friend delivering sheetrock soon became and introduction to a fruitful career path.

After joining the Carpenters Union in 2019, he always made sure to hustle. Whether it was riding his bike to work, volunteering for jobs that no one liked to do, or translating meetings so that his Spanish speaking Carpenters could better understand, he was committed to doing whatever it took. Although he is now a Project Assistant with PCI, he remains an active member of Local 1912.

As a chairman of Local 1912’s African American Task Force, he makes it an effort to participate and contribute to causes that help his community. The committee often attends community events, speaks to youth in schools, and participate in the Arizona Construction Career Days to list a few. Through mentorship, Jason aims to help fellow African American Carpenters and others gain financial literacy in order to build generational wealth through home ownership.

Learn more about Brother Jason Dunigan by watching his video above.