Member Spotlight: Keith Ponce

As a Union Carpenter Keith Ponce has learned what it means to be a part of a Brotherhood.

Keith Ponce found his pathway to the Union and Local 661 through his cousin who’s a Union carpenter. Prior to that, Keith was working concrete on nonunion jobs, barely able to make rent. Misconceptions and misinformation had kept him from considering the Union even at his cousin’s prompting. After having two nonunion jobs fall through, he decided to listen when his cousin told him he could get him not only a job, but in the Union. Keith finally signed the paperwork and learned what it is really about.

Going on his 8th year in the Union, his plate is full; He is the chair of the Dignity and Pride Committee, a member of the Boss Committee, and a member of the Volunteers Committee. He is also an advocate for mental health awareness and wants everyone to know that he is there if you need someone to talk to. Keith is so grateful for the opportunities that the Union has provided, he is working hard to give back.

To view his story click here or watch the video above.