Build Better: Marcellous Bell

Union Carpenters are known for their resilience and Marcellous Bell has overcame his fare share of adversity.

Marcellous Bell of Local 1977 wants you to know that when he builds, he’s making history, and that he’s blessed every time he swings that hammer. This is coming from a man who shouldn’t be alive let alone a Carpenter.

He is a survivor who had to fight back from the brink of death 8 years ago when he was a victim of gun violence. Doctors told Marcellous that if he recovered, he would never walk again, so he takes great pride in being a Union Carpenter and proving them wrong every time he straps on his bags and gets down to work.

See him tell his story by clicking the link above. Visit SWMSBuildsBetter.com to learn more about the how are Carpenters are Building Better.