Local 213 Union Carpenter Finds Personal Success in a New Career.

Reginald Malone is a Journeyman Union Carpenter whose primary goal is to give back to society, his family, and to himself. After being incarcerated, and with the help of Second Call—a community-based organization designed to assist in the personal development of former offenders through intervention, counseling, and mentorship—he joined Southwest Carpenters. Reginald was lucky enough to start his apprenticeship and journeyed out on the same job—the LA Metro’s Purple Line Extension—in December 2021.

“Joining the Union gave me the opportunity of learning and then sharing my experience,” says Mr. Malone, a member of Local 213. “It feels good to give back.”

Choosing a Career and a Brotherhood

Now that Reginald is a Journeyman Carpenter, he’s not looking back. “Choosing this career is the best thing of my life. It’s a blessing.” He’s also thankful for being part of the Union Brotherhood and part of the African American task force. “It’s always good to connect with brothers. You find a space where you can go and converse about the joys of living and working in carpentry.”

He also enjoys the benefits of being a Union Carpenter. “It feels good to know that I’m earning something… To get up for work every day and be able to secure a future for my family and me.” He’s glad that the Brotherhood had allowed him to be true to himself. “In other places, I wasn’t me: I was always in character, so I didn’t understand me. But in this Brotherhood, I can be me.”

Learn more about Reginald in the video above.