Local 1977 Union Carpenter Finds Growth Opportunities in the Brotherhood.

Ricky Plair is a Union Drywall Carpenter from Local 1977. He’s currently building the new Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas.

“I’m a very proud Carpenter, and I’m very proud of my Local 1977,” says Ricky, who has also worked on Allegiant Stadium and Resorts World Las Vegas. “What made me wanna join the Carpenters Union was the wages and the benefits.”

Ricky is a committed member of the Union and he’s a member of several committees. He’s the Chairman of the African American Task Force Las Vegas, also known as the Diversity and Pride Committee, and Board Member of the Young Guns Las Vegas.

“I would advise someone who would like to join the Carpenters Union to look at their current situation and ask themselves the following questions: Are you happy with the wages? Are you happy with the benefits? Do you have any type of vacation being offered to you? If the answer to these three questions is “no,” it would maybe be a good idea to join the Carpenters Union,” observes Ricky, who recognizes how the SWRCC fights for the jobs, wages and benefits of Carpenters.

“Me belonging to this Brotherhood means a whole lot. It has allowed me to grow up, to become a better man, to become a provider, to be responsible, to be disciplined, and to become a first-time homeowner. That’s all because I’m a Union Carpenter.”

Learn more about Ricky in the video above.