Build Better: Sloan Duncan

Union Carpenter Sloan Duncan finds a home away from in Local 59.

Sloan Duncan graduated from college and came to Spokane looking for a job as a psychologist. However, she had to rethink her plans when she couldn’t find work. She looked elsewhere and what she found, was a career as a Carpenter. 

She was told that if you learn a trade, you’ll always have work and that advice got her going. “Got in, not really knowing what we do- and my first day on the job, fell in love with it,” says Sloan.

She knows how hard it could have been as a woman entering construction. But the Carpenters welcomed her with open arms and taught her everything she needed to know to be successful. She has also made relationships that she knows will last a lifetime. Sloan says emphatically, “my brothers and sisters on the jobsite are some of my best friends.” 

Sloan came to Spokane looking for a new home. And with Local 59 and the Spokane Tradeswomen she found a family.

Watch the video above to learn more about Sloan’s Story.

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