Member Spotlight: The Calderon Union Family

The Calderon Family has Carpentry in their blood, proudly Union Carpenters for three generations.

6th period apprentice, Marco Calderon and his brother Marc, a 5th period apprentice, have three generations of carpentry in their blood. Their father Marco Sr. is a carpenter and their grandfather swung a hammer as well.

The brothers both joined the Union within a year of each other. This echoes Marco Sr. and his father, Jose, who also, as Marco Sr. details, “kinda joined at the same time.” Marco Sr. and Jose worked non-union construction before becoming members in the early 2000s. Raised in a Union household, there was no question as to whether the young carpenters would follow Jose and Marco Sr. into the brotherhood. The brothers grew up with Union benefits surrounded by the extended family that is the Carpenters.

The Calderons are members of Local 1912 and Marco Sr., Marco and Marc are currently all proudly working at TMCOne- Rincon, a new hospital in Tuscon, Arizona. Marco Calderon can currently be seen on Billboards and ads throughout the Southwest as part of SWMRCC’s Build Better Campaign.