Member Spotlight: The Matta Family

Jimmy Matta Sr. & Jr. share their story about their family’s multigenerational involvement in the Carpenters Union.

Just before he was born, Jimmy Matta’s parents immigrated from Guatemala to Eastern Washington. They secured employment as farm workers, and Jimmy’s early memories include working in the fields alongside them. It was not until his parents were introduced to the trades that they found a better path, one that would pave the way for generations to come. Jimmy followed his parents’ footsteps and became a Carpenter himself. Drawing from the grit it took to toil in the fields, the family acclimated easily to the life of union carpentry, which afforded them good careers without accruing academic debt. This was a life lesson instilled in Jimmy Matta Junior, who like his father and grandparents, pursued a career in the trades. Jimmy Jr. took his father’s advice to heart, but still achieved a master’s degree in business administration while putting in his time as a Carpenter. Today, the Mattas own and run Ahora Construction which they founded in 2016.

“Ahora means now,”
Jimmy Matta Sr. explained, when asked about the origin story of his business name. “The name actually came from my father. He said, ‘Hey Mijo, if we’re going to get it done, we are going to do it ahora.’”

Jimmy reflects on his experience as a first generation American and beams with pride to witness his son continue a legacy of tradesmenship, and for having the ambition to combine his hands-on training with his academic pursuits.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Matta family and their generational commitment to our Union.

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