Formerly Incarcerated Duo Build Reputation as Mentors.

Local 213 Carpenters Larry Garcia and Marco Pinto have made it their mission to mentor new Apprentices. Both men have made new lives for themselves as Union Carpenters and want to share their experience, strength, and hope to new Apprentices with hope of retaining them in the Union.

Larry and Marco are co-chairs of the Local 213 Mentorship Committee. They hold monthly meetings with more than 25 members to discuss issues that pertain to member retention. The first three Periods of the apprenticeship are where the biggest drop offs occur.  Larry and Marco are focused on doing their best to keep that from happening.  In addition to the monthly meetings, they both volunteer at the 2-Day training for new Apprentices. They offer words of advice, and more importantly, their contact information should the Apprentices need help.

Both Larry and Marco have overcome adversities in their own lives to get them to where they are today. They have made it their personal missions to pay it forward to the new Apprentices coming into the SWRCC.

They were recently interviewed by Spectrum News Los Angeles.  You can learn more about Larry and Marco’s story Here.