Mental Health Awareness Month

Fight the stigma surrounding Metal Health.

The pace of construction can be relentless and trying, not just physically but mentally. Unfortunately, in our industry, mental health can be overlooked, sometimes until it is too late. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and the SWMSRCC wants everyone to know that together as a Carpenter family, we have each other’s backs, always.  

We must fight the stigma surrounding mental health, educate members and their loved ones, and support our Brothers and Sisters in crisis. No one must fight mental health struggle alone.

This May we want to remind everyone that:

  • If you see a Brother or Sister struggling, reach out. Let them know that someone cares.
  • If you are not okay, use your Union Benefits. We’ve got a platinum health plan that includes mental health coverage. Help is accessible and available.
  • Join the BOSS (Brotherhood Outreach for Strength and Support) committee. Send an email to brotherhood@swmscarpenters.org and be part of the team that’s tackling the problem head on and always standing by to lend a hand.


Remember, it is okay to not be okay. Your Brothers and Sisters are here to help.