National Volunteer Month

Do your part for National Volunteer Month.

April is National Volunteer Month, and we want to take a moment to acknowledge the members and locals who rose to the challenge and stacked the most CUPP hours in 2023. From lending a helping hand to supporting various causes, our volunteers have played a crucial role in making their communities a better place.

Local 1319 finished first in CUPP hours almost tripling their goal by taking part in 202 CUPP opportunities with 42% of members showing up to give their time and energy. They more than simply showed up, they did an exemplary job in showcasing their commitment to serving their community. Local 323 was second in volunteer hours meeting 139% of their goal, showing up to 397 CUPP opportunities with 15% of members taking part.

On an individual level, Chris Luna from Local 721 emerged as the top CUPP volunteer. He dedicated an impressive 346 hours- showing up for 161 volunteer opportunities. Following closely behind, Ramon Garcia (Local 619) and Daniel Hanson (Local 1912) also represented the true nature of giving back, coming in second and third with 323 and 316 hours, respectively.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Month, let us not only recognize the remarkable achievements of these Locals and individuals but issue another call to action to our entire organization. Whether big or small, every act of service contributes to building stronger communities and increasing our visibility within them. Together, let’s all pitch in every chance we get and make the Western States Carpenters the foremost model of altruism.

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