New Study Finds Union Apprenticeships Have More Success Promoting Racial and Gender Diversity

Union Apprenticeships Lead in Diversity, Study Finds

A recent NABTU study found that union apprenticeships boast higher number of registered Black, Latino, and women workers compared to their non-union equivalents. The research determined that women made up 4.8 percent of all union apprenticeship registrations in 2019, compared to 2.4 percent in the non-union sector. In the same year, Black and Latino workers made up 9.6 percent and 29.4 percent of the all union apprenticeship registrations compared with 7.9 percent and 22.5 percent of non-union apprenticeship registrants.

The study went further to attribute the success of many union DEI Programs to community partnerships, pre-apprenticeship training, promotion of diversity and inclusion, and other non-traditional means of support for pre-apprenticeship program participants.

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