On the Spot: Bustad Brothers

Brotherhood has Dual Meaning for the Bustads.

Brett and Kaedyn Bustad are not only Local 425 members, but they’re also siblings, coworkers and roommates. Brett, the older of the two, began his Carpenter career early, opting out of a college-bound path after he learned about the wages and benefits made possible by a Union construction career. Fast forward to eight years later, he is now a foreman on the Overhead Walkway project between Pike’s Place and the Seattle waterfront.  

Following his brother’s lead, Kaedyn joined the apprenticeship right out of high school. This fall, he will begin his second year as an apprentice and works under Brad’s direction. When asked about taking orders from his elder brother, Kaedyn admits that it’s a lot easier to communicate with him on the jobsite, rather than someone he’s less familiar with, and this allows him to learn new things with ease. Brett says that even though at times it can be a lot to coexist in different contexts as adults, they get along, working in unison to help build an iconic Seattle attraction.