On the Spot with Allison Eby

Allison Eby made a drastic career change from social worker to Union Carpenter.

Allison Eby made a bold move seven years ago when she decided to change careers from social work to general carpentry. Fortunately, it didn’t come at a cost the way so many other drastic career changes do. Because the Apprenticeship provides free training with the option to earn while you learn, it didn’t pose financial hardship for her to make the change. It was, however, a notable lifestyle shift, meaning early morning commutes, more physical demands, and risks, but the benefits outweighed the challenges. In addition to the excellent pay and benefits, becoming a Union Carpenter allowed her to learn and experience the value of banding together with a diverse group for the sake of a mutual cause.  

The demanding work environment forces us to quickly adapt and see the humanity in each and every one of us. We have a strong shared goal, and we have the satisfaction at the end of the day of seeing the work we have all accomplished together. There is real value in that, especially in the backdrop of so many divisions in our world today,” Allison explained. 

Making a career change with no prior experience is challenging and often comes at the expense of taking a pay cut or starting from the bottom all over again. Apprenticeships not only offer incredible living wages during training, but also a career that can accelerate quickly.  Allison found a way to advance her new career without significant setbacks.