Phoenix and Tucson Pass Prevailing Wage Orders

Phoenix and Tucson have become the first and second Arizona city to approve prevailing wage ordinances.

In a significant victory for workers’ rights, the cities of Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona have recently passed prevailing wage orders ensuring fair compensation for workers while holding contractors accountable for maintaining equitable pay standards on city construction projects.

Prevailing wage laws require contractors working on public works projects to pay workers the going rate for work commissioned and funded by the city. This ensures that skilled workers, such as Carpenters, receive fair compensation for their labor, preventing the exploitation often associated with underpayment.

Contractors who fail to comply with the established wage standards could face legal consequences that include penalties, fines, or even disqualification from bidding on future public projects. As other cities and states consider similar measures, Arizona is sending a clear message that they are serious about upholding fair labor practices and protecting workers.

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