Safer Learning At SWRCC Training Centers

In-person training classes are open for business.

The Back to School season is looking much different this fall. College students across the Southwest are starting the semester online.  Returning students, and more importantly, Freshman students are having to adjust to a much more hands-off style of learning.

Things are looking differently in the SWRCC.

Apprenticeship and Journeyman classes at Southwest Carpenters Training Centers are open for business and conducting in-person classes. As construction was deemed “essential,” the training to do the work that is needed now, must go on.  “Safer Learning” protocols have been employed at our Training Centers including:

  • Informing apprentices and journeymen of CDC guidelines prior to admittance into a class.
  • Signage throughout the facility indicating guidelines.
  • No admittance allowed to anyone showing symptoms of illness.
  • Being prepared to have all members tested for COVID-19 in the event someone showed symptoms.
  • COVID-19 training established as part of curriculum.
  • Temperature readings prior to entering facility.
  • COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire completion required prior to entering the facility.
  • Social distancing & face coverings always required while within the facility.
  • Ample hand washing/sanitizing stations.

Through “Safer Learning,” classes our apprentices and journeymen are continuing to do the essential work that the Southwest needs now and into the future.